Monday, May 05, 2008

Update On Orphan Works Act

This is one HOT smoking topic among photographers, and the flames seem to be flaming even higher. I gave everyone a heads-up last week right here. Photo Business News has another well written and well documented article on the Orphan Works Act right here.

My article title was from the Editorial Photographers of the United Kingdom and Ireland so it's clear that a lot of photographers see the "writing on the wall" if this bill is passed and are trying their best to get it changed. I, for one, am keeping my eyes on it.

Hey gang, that's it for me today. I've got a meeting down in Lexington today - you probably heard they had a horse race here in KY this past Saturday. I'm on the board of the KPPA - it's our state photographers association - and we have a meeting in a few hours, so I'm on my way. See ya' tomorrow for Technique Tuesday. -David


  1. Thank you, first of all for sharing your knowledge on this blog. Second, for taking your time to help the KPPA. I know it can be time consuming, but it is important to have a state association for all the photographers to come together occasionally to fellowship, learn from others and each other. I spent six years on the board, and many of the things that are being done today were started years ago.

  2. Thanks for the report. I think if the Orphan Rights Bill passes, all photographers should place their copyight notice directly on the edge of the photograph and require that it stay there when published. (e.g. it can't be retouched or cropped out.)

    I know of one photographer who always required credit adjacent to his pictures even in high end advertising. His clients accepted it.

    If clients complain we can say that we have no choice but to protect ourselves.