Friday, May 30, 2008

Running The Numbers - Into Pictures

So LaDawn shouts down to me last Monday to turn on Rachel Ray. Hey, I like Rachel - I'm a big cooking fan, but why right now do I want to watch Rachel?? Heck, I was probably blogging;~) LaDawn came in moments later to tell me what I missed. So we hit the Internet so she could show me the interview she found so terrific. I finally found out what all the hubbub was about, and it was amazing!!

Chris Jordan, lawyer turned photographer turned digital artist, has been photographing American consumerism for about 5 years. He combines those images into large photographic mosaics depicting how many of one item we Americans discard or throw away every 30 seconds, every hour, everyday, etc. He then repeats that object that many times in his final collage image which can be typically 60" x 96" and some many times even larger.

Each image is different, each one more intriguing than the next. You can see what I mean in these three examples. Check out many of Chris Jordan's other images from his project "Running the Numbers" at his web site right here. You can also view several interviews with Mr. Jordan in the Related Links listed at the bottom of this article.
All are a fascinating insight into our own consumerism via a very creative artist while at the same time being an evocative work of art. Please check out the videos below for a peek into the creative mind that produces these works of art - thumbs way up!

Hey gang, that's about it for me this week. I'm spending the weekend shooting a wedding and test a few pieces of new software for the studio. I'll fill you in on everything next week. Have a good one everybody. See you on Monday and remember, "Pixels need love too." Adios, -David

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