Tuesday, May 20, 2008

One More Confusion Solution - Nikon Focus Low Light Issues

Ever been shooting the wedding reception with your Nikon D3 with your 70-200mm VR lens attached? You try to take the shot and the camera either locks or continues to search focus. You are mad as heck, and just ain't going to take it anymore. Well, here is your Confusion Solution.

Michael offered...
"Did YOU HAVE IT SET TO dynamic 21 POINTS? This seems to confuse the camera in my experience (in low light, dance scenes at weddings.) I had the same issue with flash in low light... the camera would not lock on fast enough, shutter lag, etc. I switched the setting to 9 Dynamic Points and Focus Lock on set to off. Now it much improved."

Again, a big High Five Thank You to Michael for a Confusion Solution. Some things they just don't teach you in the manuals. Thanks, Michael.


  1. David.. The last thing is to set is the 11 points
    setting - a8-AF point selection- instead of 51 points
    -a3 Dynamic AF area - 9 points..
    I have much more success with this setting