Monday, October 02, 2006

Great Week in California

We just finished a great week in California. We had a terrific group of people attend in San Diego. We even had 5 people who flew in from Cabo, Mexico!! What a beautiful city - I wish we had more time there.

Tuesday took us to Irvine - almost 200 people attended. Another high energy crowd. Thanks to everyone for all the very kind remarks about the program.

Wednesday took us to Burbank. The program went great! In Burbank, we had a gentleman come in all the way from Winnipeg, Canada! He gets the "long distance" travel award. Again, we had nearly 200 attendees at the program. Thanks to all for being there. I have to say, one of the nicest things about this visit - other that the people attending - was the Burbank Hilton's hotel staff. Never, in all my years of giving programs, have I ever seen such a responsive , knowlegeable, helpful group of individuals. They helped with the entire set-up, including helping LaDawn with getting all the images up on the wall and then back down at the end of the evening. Two thumbs way up from LaDawn and I for the Burbank Hilton!

Off to the Oakland, San Francisco area on Thursday - WOW! Over 225 attendees here for the program. Another great group - the nice thing for me as I travel through California is seeing and visiting with old friends I have made over the years. My good friend Hanson Fong came by as well as several others during the week.

We were happy to wrap it Thursday, because it was off to "wine country" on Friday and Saturday. We visited Healsburg in the Russian River valley and had a wonderful time sampling some of the best wines in the world. Heck, this is what makes the traveling so much fun - it's the little "pause points" along the way.

I am writing this as we travel through Oregon today - yes, you guessed it - we plan to visit Oregon's wine country today. We plan to catch up with my friend Jerry Aucker and his wife Gloria and head to Willamette valley. Hey, Pinots, here we come.

We will give you the update at the next posting.

--David and LaDawn