Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One For The Road - I'm Here! I'm Here!

OK! OK! I'm coming. I'm coming! Last week I made a small mention about our friends Kent and Sarah Smith have an enunciator in their driveway. What's an enunciator - it's basically a motion detector that triggers an alert when someone activates it. They have one at the entrance of their studio to alert them when a client arrives.

Now this sounds so high-tech to me and quite expensive. That was until I found one on Amazon for - get this $12.00! Pretty darn cheap for any business - main street or at-home. It's called a Driveway Patrol Sensor and Receiver Kit. It was originally seen in one of those TV ads a few years back, but now is available for about half price. Reviews were mostly favorable so, heck for $12 what have you got to lose? Here is the Amazon link. It seems to be an inexpensive way to improve that "greet them at the door" customer service. Anyway, I've ordered mine.

Hey everybody, that's it for today. The real work is calling around here, so I'll see everybody tomorrow for [B]Business Day Thursday. Until then.... have a great one -David

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