Monday, May 19, 2008

A Very Almost Marvelous Monday

Good Morning Everybody,
I hope everyone had a good weekend and is revved up for the week. We had a great time at the Bat Mitzvah we shot Saturday. The room looked amazing, the kids had a great time, (and so did the adults) the DJ's played a lot of good tunes, and nobody left the dance floor till closing time. We got some great shots. I've just loaded them up into Lightroom and are giving them a quick glance today. I'll post an Animoto show tomorrow - I think you will enjoy it.

Well, that was the fun part of the weekend. The rest of it, well... My Epson 9600 printer died:~( That printer had become part of the family around here. It's been a super reliable workhorse for 6 years so when we wheeled it out yesterday, LaDawn and I almost shed a tear for it's departure. Our buddy, Rob Kumler of K&R Photographics loaded it up into his Voyager and drove it to greener pastures for our old pal. OK, OK, that was a bit too sentimental, but, hey we had to get back up and running by today. Orders to deliver. No problem. A friend of mine had a Epson 7800 he wanted to sell. After a quick phone call - Russ dropped it off late yesterday afternoon. Drivers are downloaded and we will have that baby on-line by noon. (Hopefully)

Anyway, that wasn't the only surprise over the weekend. At the party Saturday, I shot my trusty Canon's and my loaner Nikon D3. Yes, I got some interesting surprises from both cameras. Read on and I tell you the whole story. I'll wrap the day with a few interesting news tidbits so we better get moving....

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  1. Hi David,

    How do you get good quality prints from your epson printer? Do you use calibration devices? I have an epson photo r800 and can never get the printer to match the screen eventhough I regularily calibrate the screen? Any ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated. Your blog is excellent by the way, thanks for being so giving with your time and knowledge.

    Take care