Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lightroom and Photoshop Actions and Presets For Infrared Look

OK, I admit it, I'm kind of an Infrared fan! I was shooting infrared for wedding many years ago. No, not all the pics, only a few. Konica made a great high speed film that worked pretty well for wedding shooters. But, hey, that was back in the analogue days, the days of yesteryear, candlelight, covered wagons, and buggy whips. (Please, not too many e-mails on that one.) Anyway, back to the post. I ran across the two links that had some more really good info on infrared. Check out the well done article over at Khromagery.com right here. The post even includes Photoshop actions you can use to get a color infrared effect. You can find it about 4/5's down the page - sort of in the fine print section - anyway, it's worth a peek.

But wait, there's more!! Head over to Lightroom News.com right here to read Sean McCormack's interesting article on creating an infrared effect in Lightroom too. And, guess what, free presets that you can download. I gave them a try and I think they point you in the right direction, but the intermediate image may need a tweak or two. Anyway, have some fun with them. And there's still more!! Click here if you want to see all my other posts in infrared. It makes for some great, late night reading.

Well everybody, that's about it for me today. I've got to get back to my real job, again. See everybody tomorrow for Wow! What A Wednesday! See you then, David

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  1. Thanks for the linkage David.

    Lightroom doesn't really do Colour IR, so it's guess work at best, but still it's better than nothing. Hopefully future 'developments' will help!