Monday, May 19, 2008

More Nikon/Canon Surprises At The Party

So I'm a big fan of Nikon's low noise capabilities - ISO 6400 is the old Canon 1600. That super low light sensitivity on the Nikon is amazing, but that's where I was surprised. I put the 70-200mm VR lens on the Nikon D3 - I wanted to roam the party unnoticed trying to get some great dance candids, etc. My experience here was that I (the camera) was having a hard time finding focus in the low light.

I put the 70-200mm IS lens on my Canon 40D and tried the same thing and all worked fine. Flashes were not attached to either camera as I wanted to check the low light focusing capabilities of both cameras without focus assist. I had much better luck with the Canon.
Anyway, back to the Nikon manual to see if I'm missing something here. If anyone has any suggestions for Nikon camera settings for optimum results in low light focusing situations, please let me know.


  1. Hi David..did YOU HAVE IT SET TO dynamic
    21 POINTS ? this seem to confuse the camera in my experience (in low light, dance scenes at weddings)
    I had the same issue with flash
    in low light would not lock on fast enough,
    shutter lag..I switched the setting to 9 Dynamic Points
    focus lock on set to off..
    Now it much improved

  2. I find that on my Canon if I don't force it to use the center AF sensor that in low light situations it hunts too much ... perhaps it is something like that?

  3. I have read that the 70-200vr lens does have issues when used with the D3.

    It was on one of the forums somewhere and could be your issue.

  4. Can somebody comment on Nikon auto focus issue:

    "In any kind of natural light, be it sun, cloud, shade, indoors with window light, it focuses beautifully. When the light is artificial, the focusing becomes inconsistent, but is mostly only noticeable shooting primes wide open. There is a focus shift under artificial light. "