Friday, May 09, 2008

Top Posts and Top Videos For DigitalProTalk

I got an e-mail from our buddy, Tibor, over at PhotoNovice about 3 weeks ago asking if I would participate in a project he was putting together. He requested several of us photo-bloggers out there to kind of do a traffic report of our own blog's most popular posts, links, stories, etc.

It sounded fascinating to me because I'm kind of the new kid on the blogger block. It's been only 8 months for me of doing this crazy, habitual but fun thing. I believed that discovering the most popular links, stories, etc. from all those participants would be a gold mine of information not only for all my readers, but all readers of all the sites participating. May 9 - today! - is the deadline for one to get his act together and participate in the project. I'll report on the outcome next week.

If we have any other readers out there that want to participate, here is the link right here. Hey, I still have a few hours to go, so here goes with my traffic report:

Since blogging here at DigitalProTalk, I have made over a 1000 posts with nearly 500,000 page views from visitors from 161 countries on 6 continents - that's pretty cool, I think.

Top articles over the last 8 months - please note that these numbers represent visitors from referring sites as our regular readers are not in this count:
1. Carrot Cake Lighting - thanks to a mention over at the Strobist - 13,800
2. New Canon 7D - everybody likes a rumor - 9400
3. Ziser Sets New Off Camera Flash Record. Again a mention by the Strobist - 7680
4. Highlight Tone Priority - Image Salvation - 4200
5. Technique Tuesday - 1st episode on lighting - 3000
6. Evening Blues - A Video Photoshop Tutorial - 2625
7. Building Your Wedding Business - Part 1 - 2300
8. Best Little Light In The World - 2200
9. Dodge and Burn Cha-Cha - 1879
10. The Mother of All Photoshop Plug-Ins and Filters - 1862

Top Videos From Technique Tuesday
1. The Light Fantastic - A Lighting tutorial on some cool ways to use your on camera flash and your off camera flash - 40800
2. Designer Portraiture - Photoshop tutorial showing how to use the Extract tool and create any number of backgrounds for your subjects - 39900
3. Rembrandt Lives - Classical Views Of The Face In Portraiture -39400
4. Our Emerging Future - A very cool tutorial that places the tonal values of the scene right where you want them - 39200
5. Rembrandt Lives Part 2 - Classical Lighting Patterns In Portraiture - 39000
6. Evening Blues - A Photoshop Tutorial showing some cool uses of different Photoshop tools - 38200
7. Invitation To Love - A Photoshop tutorial showing how to featute a wedding invitation in a wedding album - 37300
8. Touch of Color With A Twist - A Photoshop tutorial showing how to manipulate colors creatively for wedding photography - 34500
9. Porcelain Doll - A Photoshop Tutorial showing a very cool technique for skin smoothing - 30200
10. Tweaking the Light - A Lighting tutorial showing how to fine tune the color bal;ance of your on-camera flash - 29300

Top Referrers - Thanks a bunch everybody!
1. Direct Connect - 65% - This is a combination of direct traffic, Google searchs on my name and/or DigitalProTalk, and my newsletter.
2. Scott Kelby - I'm pretty involved with NAPP and lead up their wedding series at Photoshop World and am doing 5 training videos for Kelby Training.
3. Strobist - He liked Carrot Cake Lighting.
4. Layers Magazine - I've done some Layers TV episodes.
5. Photoshop User TV - ditto, several episodes.
6. FlashFlavor - Another really good wedding shooter - check out his site.
7. 1001 Noisy Cameras - they have so much stuff going on over there, I always have to check it out.

There you have it, it's been a fun run so far and I hope to be able to keep things going strong as long as my typing fingers hold out - I only use two - or LaDawn lowers the boom on the whole thing. Although, I've found that jewelery helps postpone that outcome ;~)

P.S. I revisied this post over the weekend to include the top ten in the first two categories and added Top Sources. -David

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