Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Technique Tuesday 05.13.08

Good Afternoon Everybody,
Boy, my two fingers are nearly worn out from yesterday's post. I have to say, it did fire me up!! I know a lot of photographers in New York that would be very concerned it that kind of thinking came to Cincinnati, OH. I feel bad that so many people were left stranded by the nefarious operators that unfortunately continue to occasionally invade our profession. But that is not the norm in our business - the opposite is actually the norm.

That's true with just about all photographers I know, and I know a lot of them around the good ol' USA. Most of us want to help and be of service if a bride gets stranded by a photographer she hired. It kind of reminds me of the jerk kid in the eighth grade that got the whole class in trouble for his shenanigans - the teacher would say, "If I don't find out who did the dastardly deed, you all are going to get the punishment." It was too bad and was not right then and it's not right now.

OK, OK - I'm going to settle down now - heck it's Technique Tuesday, and that's always a fun day here at DigitalProTalk. So on that note, let me say - keep an eye on anything like this happening in your city and I'll keep you posted on the NYC situation as it develops, but for today let's get on with some great info for Technique Tuesday. Off we go...

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