Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pretty Good Day So Far - So How About Checking Out Victor

Hasselblad has just announced a new e-publication, Victor, after the company's founder, Victor Hasselblad. Having been a Hasselblad shooter for many, many years and having met the president of the company and lectured for them at Photokina a number of times thru-out the years, Hasselblad has always been held in high regard in my mind. They even used one of my fisheye images in their Hasselblad manual in the early nineties.

I believe their cameras are the best medium format gear available. The imagery featured in their publication has always been top notch - many times, breathtaking. That's why this opportunity to view their magazine on-line is such a treat. You have a few hoops to jump through to get registered, but its worth the jumping - here is the Victor link.

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