Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Two Tutorials For The Road

Hey gang, I had these on the schedule for yesterday, but ran out of time, so here they are today. First, a clever tutorial on how to restore the hidden highlights in an image right here. It shows the trick combo of compressing the levels in conjunction with the "Apply Image " command in Photoshop - kind of interesting. Second a non-destructive burn/dodge trick that I thought was a clever take on my video post entitled, "Burn and Dodge Cha-Cha ". Here is the burn/dodge link right here.

Well everybody, that wraps it for me today. We are heading to Columbus, Ohio this afternoon to catch up with my buddy, Ed Pierce, who is just completing his "Captivated by the Light" tour. Hope you got a chance to see it when it came to a city near you. We are also stopping by our friends Kent and Sarah Smith for a little visit, a little wine, and a little relaxation. See you tomorrow for [B]Business Day Thursday. Adios, -David

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