Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Model Releases Again

You're a wedding photographer and you're shooting the bride and groom during a ceremony at their home. You're a portrait photographer and own a studio at the local mall. A client comes in to have pictures taken of him so he can distribute them to potential modeling agencies.

Here's the question: can you license any of these photos for EDITORIAL use to a newspaper who is doing a story on the individual who is the subject of any of these given photos? Dan Heller answers this question in his extremely thorough article - When Editorial Uses of Photos Require Model Releases - right here. I actually blogged about this same topic right here on DigitalProTalk back on March 10th.

That said, I still have never seen such a thorough discussion of model releases in general than in Dan's other link right here. The model release issue comes up often in our business and you should know the rules. Thanks Dan for all the good info.

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