Monday, May 05, 2008

How To Kill Two Hours On A Saturday Morning

So I get an e-mail from one of my past students who wants to attend the Barnstorm XXI Eddie Adams Workshops. She asks me to right a letter of recommendation and I am glad to help. Then I headed over to the Eddie Adams Workshop home page right here to see what it was all about. Here is a blurb from their site, "The Eddie Adams Workshop is an intense four-day gathering of the top professionals in photojournalism, along with 100 carefully selected students. The Workshop's purpose is to create a forum in which an exchange of ideas, techniques, and philosophies can be shared between both established members and newcomers of the profession of picture journalism." The workshop is tuition free, by the way.

Anyway, that's where my Saturday morning journey began. I'm kind of a "links" junkie and I made the mistake of hitting the little, hard to read, and hard to find "Links" button on their site. Here is their "Links" link right here. Well, "hush my mouth wide open" - this page pops on my screen jammed packed with very cool looking stuff with headings like - Business, Contests, Grants, Inspiration, How-To, Seminars, Workshops. The sub-headings were even more interesting.

Here is just a sampling right here.
Dan Heller's Photography Business Blog
US Copyright Office
Photo Business News & Forum
White House News Photographers Association
PBS- American Photography: A Century of Images

Man, I think I checked most of them. The next thing I hear is LaDawn asking me what I want for lunch. Hey, it was a rainy morning anyway - and a fascinating 2 hours.

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