Wednesday, June 25, 2014

”Rolling Thunder”

Rolling Thunder

”Rolling Thunder
©David A. Ziser

This cloud formation was one of the strangest and most eerie we have ever seen at the tip of the Baja peninsula, in San Jose del Cabo and maybe ever. Generally it’s all beautiful blue skies, soft cool breezes and amazing sunrises and sunsets. 

That was not the case two days ago when a weather front rolled in and looked to devour the entire area.  These kind of things happen around here but they are quite rare – heck it only rains 10-12 times a year.  Two days ago was one of those times.

LaDawn and I both stopped what we were doing just so we could watch the weather drama unfold. Even though I was making several exposures with my Canon 5D Mark 3, LaDawn suggested a panorama image of the scene.  I quickly pulled out my trusty iPhone 5 and took only one shot – the one you see above.  This image really does capture the ominous feeling of the moment, and what a moment it was!

Shortly the winds began gusting to about 30/35 mph and it seemed like all H… was going to break loose.  Thirty minutes later it was all over – a nice moderate rain shower, then a complete dissipation of the clouds altogether with the sun and blue skies making their appearance again.

I love the composition and colors of this photograph.  I’m still sorting through the Canon 5D Mk3 images but the iPhone image is by far my favorite!

Camera Specs: iPhone 5 set to Panorama mode, 4.13 mm, F2.4 at 1/1150 second, ISO 50.  Enjoy!  David

I Have Not Fallen Off The Face Of The Earth, I Promise;~)

I'm afraid most of you think I have fallen off the face of the earth these days but I have to tell you - that certainly is not the case ;~)  We've been visiting and exploring San Jose del Cabo at the end of the Mexican Baja peninsula for the months of May and June working on several projects remotely.  WE head back home next Monday and jump right into a very busy summer.

The sunrises (like the one above) sunsets, beaches and coast-lines are breath-taking and really easy on the eyes.  Don't you just love technology allowing me to work, with a little bit of play, from all over the world!!

Back to writingI have to admit, after spending time putting the newsletter together yesterday, I discovered that I was missing writing. That promoted me to get something up today.  LaDawn suggests that I just do a Image of the Day post just to keep things moving here at – hence today’s pretty cool image.

I just may give that tactic a try over the next few weeks and see if that helps my “writer’s block” subside a bit:~)

As I said above, I just sent out my Digital Newsletter but figured that if you are not on the list you missed some important info I shared with our newsletter readers.

Four BIG things are happening that I need to tell you about today.

They include:

  1. An impressive Speed-light Webcast with Michael Mowbray. [link]
  2. Vincent LaForet's video workshops - the hottest lecture tour happening right now. [link]
  3. PPN's upcoming "Hands On Posing/Shooting" Summer Seminar.[link]
  4. And my upcoming Master Class in Barcelona in the Fall (maybe my last one). [link]

It’s a different world out there these days with too many “photographers” thinking they can learn it all on the internet, but if you are like me and want a more rounded and immersive educational experience I sure  hope you’ll check out the posts below describing each of the items above in greater detail and take advantage of these more up close and personal learning opportunities.


Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  Check back now and then as I continue to fire things up around here and get back into the blogging “groove”.  Lot’s happening in the these next few months and I’ll do me best to keep you posted.

All the Best, David

12 Keys to Awesome Off-Camera Flash – FREE Webcast!!!

200px - Awesome Off camera flashHey everybody - don't miss this FREE 90 minute July 8th Webcast with award winning photographer, trainer, and author - Michael Mowbray!

PhotoPro Network is presenting an entire series of "Members Only" webcasts this year but is making this first webcast open to everybody FREE!!!

Michael is an amazing photographer who has perfected the art of lighting with his little speed-lighting gems. Check out his images here and his new Speed-lighting book "Shoot To Thrill" right here. I just picked up my Kindle copy and can't wait to get into it!

Michael Mowbray3

This "LIVE" rapid fire program is just what any photographer needs to take his/her lighting and photography beyond the competition!


I’ll be moderating the program with my good friend Paul Goodman – we both hope to see you there!

My Barcelona (and maybe last) Master Class - Only 7 Seats Left!

Mark your calendars NOW!!!  October 6 - 13, 2014

How would you like to visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world, make new friends, and spend some time with some really enthusiastic photographers?  For the last two years legendary wedding/portrait photographer Clay Blackmore [link] and myself have have conducted what I believe are the most value priced, most informative, most fun Master Classes held anywhere in the world.  This year we're headed to Barcelona, Spain - DETAILS HERE!


Sure, I'm a little biased but those are not just my comments they are echoed widely by all those attending.  In fact we have about a 30% return rate each year. 

This year I'm pleased to announce that we have the amazing Jared Platt [link] joining us!  Jared is a talented photographer/teacher who has rocked it on Creative LIVE several times.  He brings not only his photographic expertise to Barcelona this year but will also work with each attendee in streamlining and enhancing their post-production techniques.

Our "Classroom" this year is in the amazing city of Barcelona, Spain. I have to say, it's one of my favorite world cities to visit. We've gone out of our way to provide the best accommodations at a VERY reasonable price possible for this year's Master Class.  Just check it out below.

With a price of only $2,895 which INCLUDES accommodations, food, drink, and classes with 3 instructors there is simply no better educational value available anywhere! (only $650 for add'l family members and friends not attending classes)

It's just a good time, a great way to make new friends, enjoy a beautiful part of the world, and live, eat, sleep, and breathe exciting photography!

We all hope to see you there! [All the Details Here]

p.s. Just for the record, this may be my final Master Class - the rest of life is calling to me ;~) dz

Amazing Directing Motion Tour With Vincent LaForet

Just check out the trailer available at the Directing Motion tour website [link] and you will be blown away!!! It's the absolute best I've ever seen!!!

Vincent's tour is indeed the "hottest" tour of the summer.  Read what F-STOPPERS has to say about it right here. Their take away - "I'd consider it invaluable. It is basically a one day, action packed trip down the rabbit hole of camera motion and directing technique."

Vincent still has a many cities to visit on this year's tour [link] and all my newsletter readers get the best price available, as usual.  Just use PROMO CODE DMTDZ to save $15 off regular price when registering.

PhotoPro Network Summer School - Hands On Posing/Lighting Classes July 13-14, 2014!

It's that time again - for this year's PhotoPro Network Annual Summer School! This event is being held in western Kentucky, very close to Evansville, Indiana in the beautiful and historic downtown of Owensboro, Kentucky!


This year's line up includes some of the best photographers of the region with topics spanning Lighting, High School Seniors, Wedding Photography, Landscape and Nature Photography, Smiling Babies, Marketing, and more! It's quite a diversified line-up to appeal to nearly everyone's tastes.

Unable to can still enter the Digital Print Competition.

The registration price is a steal at

$79 for members/$99 for non-members

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Price increases to $129 on June 30!

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