Saturday, December 26, 2015

Biggest and Best Photo Convention In The Midwest Feb 4-8, 2016

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Hey Gang, Our 2016 PhotoPro Expo promises to be the best ever! 25 superb top-of-their-field speakers scheduled for presentations are some of the the best on the planet. We have over 1,000 photographers attend this show hailing from 26 states around the country. I'm excited!  Check out what’s happening below.

I hope to see you there, David

32 Hours Left to get your 4-Day VIP Pass!

Only $129 (reg $179) now thru Sunday 12/27/15

Use PROMO CODE PPEDPT16 Last chance for this extra low price!

Greg Heisler: Over 50 Time Magazine Covers!

 Joel Grimes: Master of the Dynamic Image!

 Clay Blackmore: One the best trainers today!

 Kirk Voclain: Success is his middle name!

Matt Kloskowski: Legendary Trainer and Photographer!

  Dave Cross: Photoshop Guru Extraordinaire!

Judy  Host: Master of Natural Lighting!

Plus 18 More Speakers - LIVE Model Shoots - Huge Trade Show - Giant Lighting Clinic – Parties & much more!

Register Now

PPE 2016

Meet the Experts and Learn the

Latest Industry Secrets

- Learn  new secrets to create great photographs including macro, landscape, and aerial (drone) photography, and so much more.  Learn Exciting Lighting, Lightroom, and Photoshop Techniques. Boost your profits with tips from our marketing experts. 

- Rub elbows with the best trainers in the business, make new friends, and with 3 parties, enjoy the best hospitality of any convention anywhere!

Check out the full PHOTOPRO EXPO website right here!

BONUS Programs:

Monday Post-Conference Program

All Day With Legendary Joel Grimes

Watch, listen, and learn as Joel walks you through his creative process from start to finish on Monday February 8, 2016. Joel is both a Master Artist and Master technician and is able to combine both talents into some of the most exciting images you have ever seen.

Monday, February 8th  9:00 am - 4:00 pm  $99 Add'l cost - REGISTER HERE!


Thursday Pre-Conference Programs

Half The Day With Dave Cross

Get up to speed with the latest features of Adobe Photoshop. See all the latest, greatest features, tips, and tricks.

Thursday, February 4th  9:00 am - 12:30 pm

$49 Add'l cost - REGISTER HERE!



WOW! Spend a "Hands On" high energy afternoon shooting with Clay Blackmore. Clay will show you how to create exciting portraits with his fresh and very energetic approach.

Thursday, February 4th  1:30 pm - 5:00 pm

$49 Add'l cost - REGISTER HERE!


Do you have workshops?  Boy, do we have workshops!

- 38 presentations in all - many with "LIVE" stage demonstrations.

- 8 mini programs in our Expo Theater on the Trade Show floor.

- 6 LIVE sessions with trainers at the Westcott Mardi Gras Model Shootout!

- Midnight At The Oasis 8-bay Lighting Clinic featuring 8 instructors showcasing 8 styles of shooting styles. Additional chg. All proceeds to benefit PPN Charities!

- PLUS Portfolio Reviews & Business Reviews!


32 Hours Left to get your 4-Day VIP Pass!

Only $129 (reg $179) now thru Sunday 12/27/15

Use PROMO CODE PPEDPT16 Last chance for this extra low price!

Register Now

Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Weekend To Be Remembered - The Wedding I Didn't Photograph.

Good Morning Everybody,

I know it's been quite a while since I've checked in with you at DigitalProTalk but as I sit here at the fabulously beautiful Ojai Valley Resort and Spa in Ojai, California on our patio with the soft, cool morning breezes and looking out onto the mountains kissed by the morning sun I reminisce about all my years in wedding photography.

Ojai Valley Inn

On this wonderful weekend I mark the 24th occasion of my spending time with the families whose Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and weddings I have photographed since 1999. I have been honored to photograph 23 of those 24 wonderful events but this weekend I get to "take a by" on the photography end of things.  LaDawn and I are here as invited guests of the family and what a joy it is just to spend time with the mothers and fathers of the bride and groom and their extensive extended family.

It was "bride's choice” on the photographer for the wedding but the groom's family still wanted us to part of the festivities. We could not be more pleased to accept their invitation! 

Ojai Resort2As I said, this is my 24th occasion to be with the family this weekend.  And what makes this occasion so joyful for me is the fact that I have watched most, no, nearly of the the young adults attending grow up over these past 16 years. I have photographed 5 of the weddings of whom the Bar/Bat Mitzvahs I have photographed in years past.

I'm proud of each and everyone of the siblings and cousins in this large loving family. During the speeches at the rehearsal dinner last night it was just so inspiring to see how each toast maker carried off their sentiments with humor, class, and style. Each one had indeed come of age.

We as parents all hope for our children the very best even though that parenting path is at times burdened with challenges, stress, and frustration - the norm for most, if not all parents.  But to see Tobi, Aaron, Joey, Robby, Mammie, Amy, Johnny, and all  rise to occasion of the wonderful wedding celebration brings hope, joy  and pride to all the guests looking on last evening.

Ojai wedding - IMG_5986

Before we headed back to our room, LaDawn and I visited with most of the groom’s siblings and cousins last night  just to affirm to each of them how we felt about being with them and being part of the weekend celebration. I guess I felt like the photographic uncle is so many respects having watched all 22 cousins grow up over the past 16 years. Like I said, it's been a wonderful weekend.

Later this afternoon we celebrate Johnny and Melissa's wedding and LaDawn and I can't wait to raise a glass to toast the new couple.

This wonderful profession has been extensively rewarding for me over the 50+ years since my first wedding. Those rewards have come in the way of financial and professional success. But the highest and best reward of being a photographer for so many years with loyal and supportive clients is to watch the new generation come in and begin to take charge of our world.

The feeling that's most prominent for me this weekend is that our future is in good hands.

To Johnny & Melissa, parents, siblings, cousins, friends and extended aunts & uncles,

I say "l'chaim!"


That’s it for today.  I’ll try to get a few wedding images up tomorrow.

See ‘ya everybody.

Thanks for stopping by, David

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Let's Make A Difference In A Child's Life and Pick Up A "Ton" of Training Videos, E-Books, Actions & Presets At The Same Time! Last Call–14 Hours Left!


This Summer’s educational opportunity of a lifetime is over just 14 hours from now!

Hi Everybody,

I shot out a quick email last Sunday evening telling you about an absolutely fantastic opportunity to pick up 100's of training videos, eBooks, over 825 Presets and Actions, 6 full 1 year subscriptions, and much more PLUS help children in need at the same time. If you didn’t receive it let me fill you in now.

Tell Me What’s All Included?

These bundled resources cover a wide range of photographic topics - Lighting, Photoshop, Posing, Weddings, Nature Photography, just to name a few.  These resources are from over 30 of the industry's TOP photographers and trainers including yours truly ;~)

I writing you today to remind you that the deal goes away 14 hours from now!!!

Want to find out everything that’s in this treasure chest of goodies -


Buy The Bundle and Help a Child

The cool thing is that in addition to the tremendous value of the Ultimate Bundle, a full 20% of the proceeds benefit two great charities; Team Jesse to fight Cystic Fibrosis and Seedlight which benefit's children in disadvantage communities around the world. That's a really good thing - I think we would all agree.

Just look at some of the contributors involved: Scott Kelby, Lindsey Adler, Rick Sammon, Jared Platt, Richard Sturdevant, Dave Cross, Colin Smith, just to name a few.  I know all those I've just mentioned and they all are great photographers, educators, and trainers - you just can't go wrong with this opportunity. I mean, my gosh, only $99 for over $4200 worth of prime photography goodies.  You really do have to check it out!


Here is the complete list of contributors who are involved in this summer's amazing photography bundle - I told you it was the "who's who" of world class photographers and trainers.

Total Value of all contributions to the Summer's Ultimate Photography Bundle 

OVER $4200.00!!! for only $99

All yours for only $99 and 20% of that benefits the two charities mentioned above.

Check out everything that's included - It will knock your socks off!

Here is the LINK to the Description and Value of everyone's contributions to the Ultimate Bundle

Remember, 20% of all proceeds to Team Jessie Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and SeedLight charities.

Hey gang, like I said, I really hope you check this out.  For only $99 it really is a "no-brainer" for this "best in class" educational/value opportunity.

DAZ Signature
David Ziser
Photographer, Trainer, Lecturer

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer's Ultimate Photography Bundle is Happening NOW! - Only 3 Days Left!

OK gang - here is the back story of one of the most fabulous photographic educational/value offers EVER!  I get a call from one of my buddies over at Think-11, a major player in many things photographic – training, actions, gear, etc.

They tell me they plan to put together the BIGGEST offer EVER for photographers wanting to take their photography to the next level with 100's of  hours of training videos, eBooks, and over 825 Presets an Actions, 6 full 1 Year subscriptions, and more from over 30 of the industry's best photographers and trainers.

First let me say - I was honored by the request to be part of the great educational adventure. And, not only that but the whole deal was going to raise a 10's of 1000's of dollars for two great charities. Hey, they raised over $30,000 in the first few days!!!

For all the details


or click on the image below.

Just check out who's all involved in this summer's amazing photography bundle - I told you it was the "who's who" of world class photographers and trainers.

* Lindsay Adler - Designing an Image & Studio Lighting Guide, Subscription to NEW website

* Jared Platt - Comprehensive Collection of 400 Lightroom Presets & Lightroom Webinar

* Mylio - 1 Year Subscription

* Dave Cross - 1 Year Subscription

* Tony Sweet - 13 Videos Covering Macro Photography, Texturing, Infrared, Mirroring plus more

* Rick Sammon - Master the Art and Craft of Bird Photography Video

* Simply Color - Simply Cash

* PhotoshopCafe - Photoshop Destination CC LIVE

* Lee Varis - Online Course in Mastering Image Creation & Photo Illustration in Photoshop

* Bobbi Lane - Posing & Directing Video

* Craig Minelli - Retouch Toolkit & BeautyBar Pro set of Actions for Lightroom/Photoshop

* Phlearn - PhlearnMethod Bundle, Photoshop 101 & 201, Beginners Guide to Levitation

* SharkPixel - Landscape Photography Presets for Lightroom

* Lesa Snider - The Skinny Ebooks Series

* Scott Wyden Kivowitz - E-Book: Time Is On Your Side: Exploring Long Exposure Photography

* Lance Sullivan - Architecture Power Pack of Presets

* Tyler Meade - 73 Sports and Commercial Photography Lightroom Presets

* Sean Duggan - Photoshop CC Essentials: Selections, Masking & Compositing Video

* Nik Pekridis - Video Training Course: Wedding Photography in Action

* Gavin Gough - Photographers Workflow: Ebook & Videos

* Perfectly Clear - Photoshop and Lightroom Plugins

* Cris Duncan - Photography Business Starter Set: Ebooks & Video

* Dane Sanders - Fast Track Photographer Audiobook

* Andrew S Gibson - Mastering Photography & Understanding EOS Ebooks

* ViewBug - 1 Year Membership

* Eyefi - 1 Year Cloud Subscription

* Peter Eastway - Subscription to Better Digital Photography & Photoshop Layers Class-

* David Ziser – Over 10 hours of Training Videos

* Stephanie Cotta - Mastering the Art of Newborn Photography

* Kelby Media - KelbyOne Photoshop and Lightroom Creativity Bundle

* Richard Sturdevant - SturDaVinci Art Tools Photoshop & Corel Painting Bundle

* Photofocus -  Develop Great Images in Lightroom & 72 Essays On Photography Ebooks

The generous contributions from all the partners allow FotoPromos to give back 20% of all sales to Team Jessie Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and SeedLight charities.


Hey gang, That’s it for me today. I really hope you check this out.  For only $99 it really is a "no-brainer" for this "best in class" educational/value opportunity.

Adios for  now, David

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

”Surf City”

Surf City3”Surf City
©David A. Ziser

I made this image a few days after a long 90  minute walk down the beach.  My final destination was a little beach restaurant named Zipper’s.  It’s quite popular with the surfers that make their annual pilgrimage to San Jose del Cabo for the fine surfing ways.  In fact, this weekend is the annual Los Cabos Open of Surf competition [link] with takes place right at the world famous Zipper’s beach.

Just as I was making my way from the beach up to the restaurant, I had to pause briefly for this “surfer dude” to pass by.  The moment was perfect as he passed right in front of Zipper’s.  His long stride, the perfect horizontal position of the surf boards balanced on his head, and all the Cabo colors in the background made for a strong composition.

Yes, I did tweak the image substantially. And yes, the image was made on my iPhone 6+ phone – my favorite phone of all time ;~) The first image tweak was made in an App named Dynamic Light – it’s a kind of cool instant HRD app.  After dialing in the effect I wanted – basically a super saturated contrasty effect, I saved out the image and reopened the image in a second App called Painteresque. This second app results in some of the most unusual and painterly images I have ever seen.  I prefer the Painteresque2 setting.  It is just so much fun to play with.

A final tweak of colors and contrasts in Lightroom CC gave me the final result I was looking for.

I know some of you may be thinking that I’ve gone over to the “dark side” of camera phone photography - but not true. The technical excellence built into these little jewels is amazing. For me it’s all about the finished image – a final rendering of color, contrasts, composition, color harmony, imagination, and creativity that pleases the viewer.  I think this image does just that!

Camera specs: Apple iPhone 6+  at 4.5 mm, F2.2 at 1/3000 second, ISO 32. 

Enjoy! David

Monday, June 08, 2015

Hurricane Blanca–The White Fury!!! We Survived!!!

Good Morning Everybody,

As most of you know LaDawn and I have been hanging out in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico for the last few months. Somewhat sadly, we actually head for home in just a week. 

H0 LD and I

Our stay has been wonderful over the last several weeks -  but in just the last few days we have experienced quite an adventure.

Anyone listening to the news this past weekend surely heard about the category 4 hurricane named Blanca heading for Cabo San Lucas and the Baja peninsula.  Uhhhhh, that would be directly towards us!

H9 Hurricane1

H10 We are here2












Things were looking somewhat dicey for a few days leading up to the storm making landfall today. The reality was that this storm was both the earliest and fastest growing hurricane in the region for many years. After last years horrific Hurricane Odile, needless to say everybody was worried.

As the week progressed Hurricane Blanca subsided from a Cat 4 storm to a much smaller but still quite intense Cat 1 storm. Well, Mother Nature is not always so predictable and before you knew it Blanca had grown back into a Cat 4 Hurricane by 9:00 a.m. Saturday morning and was heading our way with the strongest winds predicted to reach us by Sunday afternoon!

H5 Hurricane shutters

The staff at Alegranza, the beautiful luxury condo development in which we are staying, showed up and said it was time to put up the hurricane shutters. Within a few hours we were buttoned down and ready for the storm.

We made the run to the airport to pick up my daughter Elizabeth who would be joining us along with LaDawn’s son, Zak  and daughter-in-law Emily for the week  Unfortunately, no time at the pool today!

The good news was that by Sunday morning the storm had subsided back down to a Cat 1 hurricane still with blowing wings at 90 MPH! Most of the day was gray and cloudy with unusually high humidity and with very calm breezes you still had the feeling that something ominous was heading our way.

H2 - Waves

H7 Wave two






The good news that was coming from Weather Underground, the best app for monitoring storms like this had the track of the storm verging westward missing us by about 90 miles - a slight reprieve at least.

The five of us were beginning to settle in for a great dinner when the winds began picking up speed, the storm was getting closer. I thought, "Heck, how about a pre-hurricane swim about now."

H1 - DAZ H Swim

The winds were hitting about 40 MPH on our 5th floor condo but I was hoping they would be reduced a bit at ground level.  After dinner we settled in for the huffing and puffing of the White Fury - Hurricane Blanca!!!

The winds really starts picking up around 9:00 p.m. I couldn't resist - I grabbed a chair and headed out to our terrace.  This was not the place to be sipping a nice glass of Chardonnay.  The wind was whipping around like crazy and the entire experience gave one a brand new respect for Mother Nature.  My super-windy time on the terrace also made me think of what the residents went through during Hurricane Odile just eight months earlier.  Hurricane Odile was the most devastating hurricane to hit this area ever with winds hitting over 150 MPH!!! Yesterday evening was just a walk in the park by comparison.

DAZNOTE: Check out this YouTube video [link] of what Hurricane Odile did to Alegranza and San Jose del Cabo last year – unbelievable!!!

We all turned in about 11:00 p.m. and as we all lay in bed you could really hear the winds increase in velocity. One of our guests was a bit un-nerved by the intense whistling and blowing of the very stronger winds and spent the night in the bathroom on one of the matts from the chase lounge - pretty funny.

The wind was howling intensely but finally began to subside about 3:30 p.m. How do I know this - well, many of us were not having such a sound sleep last night;~)

By morning the storm had completely passed.  We were up a 6:00 a.m. Anxious to remove the storm shutters and reclaim the terrace as ours once again.  By 7:30 a.m. We are all back to normal enjoying the easy, albeit somewhat cooler, summer Cabo breezes.

H4 Trees downDamage to the resort was minimal with only a few small trees destroyed.  Thankfully, everything and everyone else was fine. Time for a nice walk along the beach, and a swim later on today.  I suspect we'll be blessed with another gorgeous sunset this evening and and a fabulous sunrise tomorrow

All is good and as they say - No Bad Days in Cabo. 

h8 Mourning after

Hey gang that's it for me today.  Everybody have a great day in your part of the world and I catch you again soon.

Adios for now,

David - the Hurricane Hunter.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Life Is Good! & PPN Summer Meeting Happening June 28-29, 2015-test

Good Morning Everybody,

Just doing a quick check in with everyone. I have to tell you, life is good. LaDawn and I are back in Mexico for two more weeks enjoying the magnificent sunrises and sunsets, sand, and sea breezes. It’s been a great trip again this year. The image below is our terrace view about every morning – breathtaking!

Cabo Sunrise1

I head back home temporarily to photograph an event for some of my very favorite clients this weekend – a B’nai Mitzvah of two very beautiful young ladies. I’ve been working with the family for over 15 years.  It will be fun to see all the family again.

PPN Summer Meeting Happening June 28-29, 2015

The big news I want to share with you is about PhotoPro Network’s upcoming Summer School in historic Owensboro, KY.  There’s lots planned so you don’t want to miss it!

Details and Registration RIGHT HERE!!!

This summer’s event  has more than just AMAZING speakers.

Check out the bonus events too:
1) Saturday night Portfolio Reviews
2) Saturday night Photography Business Q&A Panel
3) Flea Market (sell photography items and/or get some great deals)
4) Print Critique ($5/entry, get educated and possibly win prizes)
5) Studio Tour featuring a live shoot
6) Mini Trade Show featuring several venders

PPN Summer 20151

LaDawn and I are planning to be there, I sure hope you will too!

Hey gang, that’s the quick update from me this time around.  Have a great May and June.  I’ll see you soon.

Adios for now, David

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

My Brand New Apps Are Ready To Go At Only $1.99 each!

Good Morning Everybody,

I know I’ve been laying low for a while but  I’m writing today to get the news out about my brand new $1.99 Photography Apps!

Here is the backstory. Last year, my good friend and great photographer Rick Sammon,  asked me to be part of his Mobile Masters Group and twisted my arm to produce three wedding apps [link]. Rick is really an App Master.  I finally completed the project and they look great! Read the rest of the story on the very first set of David Ziser Apps [link] below. You're going to love them

My Brand New Apps Are Ready To Go At Only $1.99 each!

As I mentioned above, I am thrilled to be announcing my brand new Wedding Apps on Lighting, Lenses, and Composition [link].  Each App contains 25 of my favorite images per App topic along with the back story, exposure data, and lighting diagram for each image. I think you'll love them!

For years we've been offering  the Hot Shots Series available at my DigitalProTalk Market Place in a printed version. Now we can offer them at a fraction of the cost - only $1.99 each - in their new App form! The printed version was very popular years ago but technology marches on and now they are a "steal of a deal" for less than two bucks each! 

We offer three titles so far:

David Ziser's Hot Shots Lighting - Lighting creates the mood and feeling in a photograph. Learn from the master, via end-result images and lighting diagrams, how you can create images with impact though the use of lighting.

HotShots App Lighting

David Ziser's Hot Shots Lenses - Lenses help photographers tell a story - their story and the story of the subject. Learn how to use lenses - from wide to telephoto - wisely to capture the all-important, once-in-a-lifetimes event for the bride and groom.

HotShots App Lenses

David Ziser's Hot Shots - Composition - Learn how to successfully compose an image via end-result images and illustrations that explain composition techniques. Camera, lens and exposure info is included too.

HotShots App Comp

I hope you love the Apps. One more time – here is the link to the apps.

Enjoy!  David

p.s. Don't forget - LaDawn wanted me to let you know that she has marked things down again at our Digital Resource Center [link]. Get the deals - some up to 80% off - while they last as we will be closing the Digital Resource Center in this summer.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

The Biggest and Best Photo Convention In The Midwest! PhotoPro Expo 2015

Good Morning Everybody,

Things have been crazy as usual around the Ziser home front/studio after all of our travels this past fall.  I’m still wanting to update everyone with from our travels  but time sure seems to be in short supply. Sound familiar to anyone else? 

PhotoPro Expo 2015 Right Around The Corner

One of the reasons is the fact that PhotoPro Expo 2015 kicks off in just a few more weeks – January 22 – 26, 2015. And….

PProExpo-Header 1600x900

We’ve been hustling our “you know what's “ off for the last few months pulling together all the details to make this year’s show the best ever!  Check out the speaker grid below – it’s the “Who’s Who” of the top photographic talent and trainers in the world right now. 


They’re all going to be right here in the center of the USA – Cincinnati, OH/Covington, KY.  If you are within 400-500 miles away, you need to fly, drive, run to this year’s convention!  So far we have photographers from 22 states around the US attending.  And we even have an attendee coming all the way from INDIA to attend the show – so no excuse for you to miss the best photo convention in the Midwest!


USE PROMO CODE PPEDPT15 to save even more! Only $159

Three Bonus Programs Offered This Year!

CanonBlockJust for registering for PhotoPro Expo 2015 you’ll receive complimentary registration to Canon’s very popular “Imaging Essentials” all day program on Thursday.  My good friends Jim Divitale and Jack Reznicki have presented this program throughout the US in 2014 and Canon has graciously offered to make it available to all PhotoPro Expo attendees.

HalfDay_LAdlerAdd to that the fact that we also have Lindsay Adler  presenting a fabulous1/2 day program on Thursday as well.  Her program will show exactly how she creates her outstanding fashion images.  This program also features a Photoshop segment which will show you how she finishes her images to make them some of the most exiting images you have ever seen! This is a not to missed program.

AllDay_RValenzuelaWait, there’s more – On Monday you will be treated to a full day program by the amazing photography of Roberto Valenzuela.  Roberto is an award winning photographer and popular author who works out of Beverly Hills.  He is also one of the only wedding photographers working with a medium format camera. This fact alone makes his beautifully exposed and composed images stunning, amazing and breath-taking.

But that is not Roberto’s only secret – Roberto has a knack of bring people together in the most natural posing you have ever seen.  He knows instinctively how to make the subjects before his camera lens look their best! His wonderfully inspiring photography and engaging personality make this a program that promises to enhance your own photographic success for 2015 – again, a not to missed program!

Don’t Miss The Best Photo Trade Show In The Midwest!

PPE14 Promo7Not only is the Expo trade show the biggest and best attended in this part of the USA, it is also a source for fantastic education.  Over the two day duration of the show you have 14 different programs in which you can watch and learn from the top photographers in the industry – for only the cost of a $10 Trade Show Pass, (FREE with registration).  Get yours right here [link]. 

Add to that - Westcott is once again setting up our “LIVE” Bikini Beach Shoot” with beautiful models, all their latest lighting gear, and instructional mini seminars from top guest photographers including Peter Hurley, Tamara Lackey, and Roberto Valenzuela just to name a few.

It’s Party Time x4!

SurfboardWait, there’s still more!  We have parties galore planned for the entire duration of this year’s event – and they are FREE to attend with your complete registration.  That alone adds tremendous value to the entire PhotoPro Expo experience.

Midnight At Oasis logo New for this year-  we are hosting our “Midnight At The Oasis” Lighting Clinic.  Thanks to the good folks at Sweetlight we will have three shooting bays set up with models and led by some of the top photographers in the area.  Their goal is to help you get your best shots and enhance your lighting and photography skills at the same time.  This year we are raising funds for our selected charity “Crayons2Computers” benefitting all under privileged school aged kids in the tri-state region.  A $20 contribution will get you in the door for all the fun.

And Don’t Forget About Our Image Competition  – You Can Be  A Winner Too!

Webcast PComp Square 2015 -Each year PhotoPro Expo hosts the PhotoPro Network Image Competition.  This is your chance to have your images reviewed and judged by a panel of select judges and experienced photographers. I have to tell you – there is no better way to improve your photography than by entering image competition.  I know – when I first entered years ago, it was the “kick in the butt” that I need to really take my photography to the next level.  Hey, I sure didn’t win any Blue Ribbons or trophies in those early days, but it sure pointed me down the right road for future success.

Even if you don’t enter, you can still tune in to our “LIVE” broadcast of the actually judging.  We have two sessions scheduled on Thursday January 22, 2015. Here are the links to register:

Beach Party3Session 1: Sign-up RIGHT HERE
Session 2: Sign-up RIGHT HERE

Hey gang, I could go on and on about PhotoPro Expo 2015.  We’re heating things up with our Beach Theme this year. Heck, it’s cold outside so what better time to have a Beach Party and it’s all happening at this year’s PhotoPro Expo 2015.  I sure hope you will check out all the details right here and be part of the fun! Don’t miss it! Bring your friends, share a room – only $99 at the 4-Star Marriott Rivercenter and share in the opportunity to learn from the BEST, network with photographers from around the country, and have some fun while learning!

I’ll see you there!!