Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"A Father's Special Day"

"A Father's Special Day"
© David A. Ziser

I truly believe that a wedding is not just the bride's day. It is a day when families come together and celebrate this wonderful occasion. It is just as much a day for the parents as it is for the bride and groom. And as a father who has watched many other fathers shed a tear or two at their daughter's wedding, it must be a truly special moment to dance with your daughter on her wonderful wedding day. I think that moment is captured in this beautiful image. The spotlight following the bride and her dad created the perfect lighting for this image. The long shadows coming back towards the camera combined with the musicians in the foreground create a wonderful composition capturing that moment. Camera specs; Hasselblad camera fitted with 50mm Distagon lens at F4.0 at 1/30 second, Kodak ISO 800 Vericolor film. Enjoy! -David

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  1. Was there any fill flash on this one? Or is there a second spot on them from this side.. I see shadows from the musicians on their music...