Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Technique Tuesday 05.27.08

Good Morning everybody,

Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend - those that had one of course. It was a nice break here at DigitalProTalk. I had the weekend off and got a few things accomplished around the studio. LaDawn and I even managed to fit in a little photo-walk around Ault Park in Cincy on Sunday. Man, we got some pretty images.

Dare I admit it - I did the entire shoot in RAW and Adobe RGB. I only had one problem, as the camera continued to fill up with all those hefty RAW files, it got heavier and heavier. LaDawn had to even help me hold it near the end of the shoot ;~) Heck, you don't want to hear about that because today is Technique Tuesday, and boy, do I have a doosey of a Technique Tuesday post today. So let's hit it...


  1. Hilarious! :)

    You know you are loving the RAW. We know too. :)


  2. you cant actually shoot RAW and AdobeRGB at the same time - the color space isn't determined until you open the photo in an image editor and then you can choose the color space. Unless of course you were shooting RAW + JPG and then the JPG would have a color space.

  3. David,

    Thanks for your great site! You probably already know all this, but I watched Matt Kloskowski's "Camera Raw Workflow Essentials" class at KelbyTraining.com (http://www.kelbytraining.com/instructors/matt-kloskowski.html), and since that time, I have decided never to shoot in Jpeg again. There is just TOO MUCH flexibility in Raw that isn't there in Jpeg! If you're not already all up on it, I recommend checking it out. Hope you convert too! (Even if it does mean more storage space...!)

  4. Great blog David. Just can't figure out one thing and maybe I'm having a brain fart, but why can't I see your full posts?