Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Peek Into The Mind Of A Bride - Three Brides, In Fact

What is one of the first things brides do to check out their potential choice for a wedding photographer? Is it calling the studio for an appointment and then come in for a visit? That's so nineties and before. Is it attending a bridal show and trying to remember which of the 50 or so photographers had the best deal? Is it a recommendation from a friend or family member - maybe? In any event the FIRST place today's bride will visit before coming into the studio would be the photographers' web site.

Here is the challenge - visit these 5 photographers websites - talented photographers from around the county:
Charles and Jennifer Maring
Ben Chrisman
Dana Rosini
Frank DiMeo
Matt Mendelsohn

Visit each one, explore their sites, draw your own conclusions about content, style, presentation, price.

Now the payoff - hold those thoughts and head over to PDNOnline right here and see how your impressions matched the 3 brides who visited these same 5 photographer sites. How close are you to what they perceived? What have you learned from this exercise? Will you do anything different now? This is a wonderful marketing insight into how people (brides) think about their wedding and the style they want in their photography. It also reflects how photographers perceive their work when putting their best foot forward for their potential clients. Are you on target or not?

It is a amazing exercise in marketing. It may just have you reconsider your own web presentation. Do this exercise for sure. You can't get a better marketing perspective anywhere else. Hi-Fives for PDN for putting together the original project.

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  1. WOW - just goes to show you that one has to get into the mind and perspective of the client. Something may be cool or well put together; however, if it does not covey your intentions in a positive way to the client ... how cool is it really? Great perspective article.