Friday, May 16, 2008

The Dark Side Of Photography

I've been planning a project - nothing firm yet - but I'm going to entitle it "Night Stalker." Let me say, the project is much less threatening than the name implies, but it will be fun. I'll keep you posted once I get the details worked out.

Anyway, I had a random thought pop into my mind yesterday about doing a Google search on Night Photography. Wow! What a cool set of links I found. Check out Andy Frazer's Night Photography blog right here for openers. Andy has some cool images and some great links to other night photographers as well. You know, it's just one more way to think outside that darn box. Give the related sites a cruise over the weekend and enjoy.

Hey gang, that's about it for me today. I'm joining a friend for lunch, getting the gear together for tomorrow's Bat Mitzvah shoot, and maybe even taking the rest of the day off. Enjoy the weekend everybody, and remember, "May the Pixels be with you." -David

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