Friday, March 15, 2013

All Is Good In DigitalProTalk World Headquarters!

Hello Everybody,

Where is DAZThe comments have been getting a bit more serious lately and a lot of folks are wondering what is going on in my Digital ProTalk world.  The blog has been quiet, I’ve been off the radar to some extent, and photographers are beginning to wonder “What’s Up”?

OK, today I’m here to answer that question.  Things are really good at DigitalProTalk world headquarters.  I can’t say I’ve been taking it especially easy and every day seems jammed packed with activity.  But, If I had to be honest, I would have to admit that I have slowed things down i n my life.

That said, let me bring you up to date on exactly what's been happening around here.

PhotoPro Expo 2013 Was A Hit!

That’s right, I just did the numbers this week and the results are in.  PhotoPro Expo 2013 was attended by nearly 1,200 photographers from over 21 states around the country – WOW!

PhotoPro Crowd1a

PhotoPro Crowd2That’s about 20% more that last year!  PhotoPro Expo is quickly becoming the best value photographic event in the country and people are beginning to notice.

The trade-show was also 30% larger with 114 booths fully occupied by exhibitors from around the country and Canada.

I hope to have a full convention report up sometime next week so please stay tuned.

I Presented a Brand New Lighting Program For Google

DAZ-LIZ-LD GoogleThat’s right, we wrapped the convention activities on Tuesday and then LaDawn and I jumped on a jet to beautiful San Francisco on Friday of that week – 2.15.13.  We were planning to spend some time in San Jose then a few more days in the city of San Francisco.  Fortunately for us, my daughter, Elizabeth joined LaDawn and I on our week-long visit.  We certainly needed a vacation after the very busy days of PhotoPro Expo 2013 .

During our visit I presented a brand new lighting program to the good folks at 1600 Amphitheatre Way in Mountain View, CA – Google. It was Elizabeth’s first trip to Google and she really enjoyed the visit.  My program went great and we even hung around for a while to chat with some of the attendees.  My thanks to my good buddy, Mike Wiacek for setting up the program and being an extremely gracious host during our visit.

Now On To Mexico – Sunny Cabo San Lucas, Mexico That Is!

After leaving Elizabeth to enjoy the Chinese New Year celebration in San Francisco, LaDawn and I boarded an early flight to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  Cabo is one of LaDawn’s favorite places to visit on earth. I know we were just there last December for three weeks but Camera Craftsmen, a very esteemed group of photographers, asked LaDawn and I to join them at the annual meeting which just so happened to be in Mexico this Spring. THANS to Kent and Sarah Smith for their awesome hospitality!

Camera Craftsmen

I have to admit, I was really looking forward to the trip.  The members of Camera Craftsmen have been photographers I have looked up and admired throughout most of my career.  It was great to be able to hang with them for an entire week and renew the friendships forged so many years in the past. Want to check out some great photography from some of the members, you can find the link right here – enjoy!

I picked up a few tips from many of the morning programs I attended.  I’ll plan to share a few of them with you in some upcoming posts.

From Sunny Cabo To Snowy Park City, Utah

DAZ and AaronAfter a great time visiting with friends in Cabo for over a week, it was time for the next leg of our journey – Park City, Utah. My son Aaron moved  there about 6 months ago.  We haven’t seen him in over a year so it was good to catch up. THANKS to good friend Dennis and Sherry Walsh for their warm hospitality!!!

Aaron works a the Park City Ski Resort and set me up for a day off skiing the high peaks of Utah. I love skiing but coming in from the Cabo sunshine to the snow covered slopes of Utah was definitely a bit of a body shock ;~)  Still a good time was had by all.

Bobsled1The highlight of the trip was on Day 2 of the visit.  Aaron arranged for the three of us to ride the Olympic  bobsled run at the Olympic Park.  Yes, the REAL Olympic Bobsled run on the REAL bobsled track that they used for the 2002 Olympics and still use today for Olympic training.  It’s like the second fastest bobsled track in the world!

Bobsled2So, just how fast do the Olympians travel down that treacherous ice covered track – about 85MPH!  How fast did we travel for our hair-raising 54 seconds death defying adventure – over 80 MPH.  And, let me say – there are NO SEAT BELTS in a bobsled! You just hang on for “dear life!” as you fly through 15 turns (you lose count after 6) experiencing up to 4G forces on your body which BTW, asks why in the world you do something like that on purpose.

I have to say, it was quite the RUSH – so now I can cross that one off my bucket list ;~)  LaDawn and I were up for the Skeleton run but unfortunately we were leaving too early the next day to make that happen – maybe next time.

Finally Heading Home

We finally headed home last Friday after our three week journey/adventure.  We covered a lot of geography and had some great experiences during that time, I know I wouldn’t have traded the time for anything else.

We’re back in town for about four weeks and then it’s off to Photoshop World – also a grand adventure in itself.  So things are calm around here for a few weeks and I’m hoping to get a post or two up for our loyal DigitalProTalk readers.  I sure hope you’ll stop back.

Have a great one everybody.

See you soon,  David