Tuesday, May 06, 2008

BW Is My Middle Name

In today's Technique Tuesday I want to discuss my utterly simple soft B&W technique. It's soooo simple, I'm going to throw in three more B&W techniques just for fun. And, wait there's more - I'll also discuss the applications and pros and cons of each technique.


  1. David,
    This is Rick Mead from the Spring Masters Class. What do you use to record these videos? I know they are hosted on Viddler - but what are you using to capture your screen and then encode it for viddler?


  2. Hi David
    I'm curious why you didn't talk about the "black and white" adjustment layer method. To me this technique provides the user with the most flexibility and ease of use when converting from color to B&W.
    Keep up the GREAT work.

  3. Hi Rick,
    For the video grabs, I use Camtasia 5 from TechSmith, save as a flash file, and upload to Viddler - they can handle the bandwith and are nice people to work with.

    Hi Claude,
    There are probably 10 other ways I didn't include. I just discussed the first 4 - sort of in the order I learned them over the years. Maybe I do 4 more down the road.

    Thanks to all for the nice remarks. -David