Wednesday, May 14, 2008 - Cool Flash Sites Priced Right

Looking for a fully editable website that fits the bill for your business and doesn't brake the bank? Then check out right here. The company is owned by my buddy and long-time good friend, Grant Oakes. Grant has put together a pretty cool set of features in his editable flash web sites. His sites look slick and professional and the user can customize them in any number of styles, color schemes, gallery presentation, etc.

Grant even gives the budget conscious client the option of leasing the site instead of purchasing it outright. His price points on all of the services offers hit the "sweet spot" for most photogs looking for a website that is easy to set up, looks great, and is priced right. Want to see what a Tafota site looks like? Then just hit the link right here which includes some beautiful wedding photography as well!

Wait, there's more - when you call customer support, you get, are you ready - A real person! I have talked to a few of Grant's clients personally, and they "Luvvvv" his customer service. Want more info, give Grant a call at 877-365-2050, or drop him a note at to see if Tafota might be a good fit for you. I give it the "DPT Seal of Approval."

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