Friday, January 18, 2019

I’m Back In The Saddle Again & I’m Going To Photoshop World!!!

Good Morning Everybody,
I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me – as you know LaDawn and I are traveling the world very extensively these days and enjoying the heck out of it! That has kept my writing – I hate to say – at a minimum. Check out the globe to the right – 2018 was crazy!!!  Whoops, I see I missed Ireland and Iceland too ;~)

I was just saying to LaDawn just a few days ago that I miss the writing quite a bit and wanted to get back to it again. That opportunity is going to present itself to me in the very near future and that is very cool news!

I’ve got so many great images to share with you from our travels and so many photo tips and tricks I’ve picked up over these last several months, it’s time to write them down right here at and share them with you. So, stay tuned, things are going to start popping around here in the next few weeks!

Hey Gang, I’m Going To Be At Photoshop World Again!!!
That’s right, we were somewhere on the road, Mexico I think, when I got a request from my buddy, Scott Kelby, to speak at an upcoming Photoshop World – I have to say I was thrilled!!!  I kicked around the possible dates and program topics with his team and we settled in on Photoshop World Las Vegas in August 21 –23, 2019.

Topics still to be announced.

Oh,  You Can Attend – All Expenses Paid - For Free!!!
Well, that is if you are the big winner – you even get your choice of convention locations.
OK, all kidding aside – it takes about two seconds to enter and the deadline for entering - January 31, 2019 - is just two weeks away!

Just head over to this [link right here] to get all the details and get your name in the “hopper” to win! I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to being at Photoshop World again.

Anyone who has been to Photoshop in the past knows it’s a BLAST to attend.

I still remember my first Photoshop World experience many years ago in San Francisco – I attended with my buddy Kent.  We soaked up everything were could over those three days, we took copious notes, we were fired up with our new found knowledge, we couldn’t wait to put all those great ideas to work once we returned home – we were crazy excited!!!

BUT…. somewhere at about 30,000 feet above the earth while traveling home, some kind of cosmic energy sort of erased parts of all that valuable knowledge we thought we picked up in California.  We found out that once we landed and got back in our respective studios, we were missing key parts of that knowledge – OMG!!!!
But not to worry, that’s why it’s so great to go to Photoshop World.  Because…. the more you attend, the more your retain all that fantastic knowledge!  And, what a great set of friends you make on those return visits. That said, Photoshop World is not to be missed!!! I sure hope I see you there!

Hey gang, that’s it from me today but like I said, stay tuned, more on the way!!!
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