Thursday, May 29, 2008

Now For Some Real Good News And It's A Steal Of A Deal!

Every single thing you ever wanted to know about Light, Posing, Weddings, Seniors, Babies, and a ton more - 12 solid hours of solid information for only $35! OK, I know what you are thinking, "What's the catch?" Well, here's what is happening - I mentioned last week in Thursday's post that we attended Ed Pierce's "Captivated By The Light" seminar. Ed always puts on a great program, but here is where the "steal of a deal" comes in. I filled Ed in on DigitalProTalk and asked if I could give our readers the same special he was offering his attendees. We've been good friends for 25 years and he said, "Sure."

Ed has been producing his super informative PhotoVision series for 9 years. I'm even featured in one of the earlier segments. PhotoVision is a 6 2-hour video DVD subscription series. Here is a quick blurb from the web site, "PhotoVision features leading photographers bringing you the latest and greatest things happening in the photographic industry. You'll see photographic styles and techniques, digital workflow, lighting and posing, Photoshop tips and tricks, hear innovative marketing and sales strategies, output alternatives, new hardware and software reviews and much, much more."

PhotoVision is listed on the PhotoVision website at $149/year and is a great value at that price. But, you - lucky readers of DigitalProTalk can get the 2008 subscription for only $35 plus shipping! Now, that's really a steal of a deal! You need to know the secret handshake though. Head over to the PhotoVision link right here, check out the great line up of photogs on the 2008 series. If it looks to good to be true, just say, "What the heck, what's $35 and give it a try." You need to know the "secret hand shake" or special promo code to get the $35 pricing. That code is edpierce . You won't be disappointed. I have all 9 years in my collection - good stuff! I give it DigitalProTalk's highest recommendation.


  1. Wicked deal. How could I say no?

  2. Thanks very much Dave. I signed up and am looking forward to it.

  3. Thanks for getting this deal for us.

  4. I will pick one
    Thank you