Monday, April 28, 2008

Nobody Follows This Story But All Photographers Should!

US Congress
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That includes me too. I got this "heads up from one of our DPT readers, Bill Zaspel over at Black Tie Photography - here is Bill's article link. After checking further, I thought I would give our readers the same "heads up." It has to do with the Orphan Works bill now on the floor of Congress. Please read these excerpts from some of the major photography associations in the country.

The Professional Photographers of America warn -
"The Copyright Office has suggested legislation that, in its current form, could have a devastating impact on the professional photographers." Here is the article link right here.
Again, from the PPA -
"In it's present form, the proposed statute creates an orphan works regime that is both unworkable and inaccessible to individual creators." Article link here.

An excerpt from a letter from the general council of the American Society Of Magazine Photographers -
"I am writing this message while on the train to Washington to meet with Congressional staffers on both the Senate and House sides. The subject is the proposed legislation dealing with so-called "Orphan Works." If you write to your congressional representatives only once in your lifetime, I urge you make Orphan Works legislation that "one time" and to take the action outlined below." Article link here.

I could list several other links here too, but these few are our wake-up call for action. This new legislation affects all of us shooting out there as well as all creative types working. You could lose the rights to many of your images if you are not paying attention. Why? - the current Orphan Works bill now back on the floor of Congress. We need to keep an eye on what's happening. Animation Magazine News featured the urgency of the situation for all creatives right here. Give them all a read. Be informed.

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