Great Business Tips

These posts are not based on any number of page views, comments, or anything objective. Instead, they are a distillation of the 20 most salient Business Day Thursday posts that I believe could be the most beneficial to any photographer - "aspiring professional" all the way to "seasoned pro."
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Anyway, enjoy the re-read.

Business Day Thursday: Great Business Posts

1.  It’s Tupperware Time - Throw A Portrait Party [link]

2.  It's Good Business - You've Got To Get Them To Come Back For More [link]

3.  Getting Your Prices Right [link]

4.  Divide and Conquer That Wall Space [link]

5.  How I Sell My Wedding Services [link]

6.  Show Samples Of Products You Don't Want To Sell [link]

7.  How About A Customer Photo Contest [link]

8.  How Do You Talk About Your Competition? [link]

9.  How to Choose a Wedding Photographer [link]

10.  How To Make $12,000 Over A Weekend! [Link].

And Graet Business Building Tips

#1 - Don’t Stumble, Fumble, or Fall Before Crossing the Finish Line During Your Sales Presentation

#2 - 20 Ways To Appreciate Your Customer

#3 - Booking Weddings, How About Booking 5 Bonuses To Seal The Deal?

       Contest Post- Read "Comments" for even more ideas.

#4 - 12 Ways To Keep Your Clients Coming Back For More

       Contest Post - Read "Comments" for even more ideas.

#5 - Appointment Nirvana

#6 - The Bunny Rabbit Approach To Marketing

#7 - Are You Too Busy For Success?

#8 - Nudge It Up A Notch Selling and New Contest Announced

      Contest Post- Read "Comments" for even more ideas.

#9 - Stop Putting Gag Order On Your Sales! Part 1

#10 - Is Your Business Ready For Success?