Tuesday, May 06, 2008

70 Photoshop Actions All In One Place

And they are free! Here is a clever presentation of a set of actions you might want to check out. Just roll your mouse over the Action titles and see what it does to the image. Many of the actions offer some very cool effects. It's worth the peek. Here is the link to the 70 Photoshop actions right here. Now go download them and have some fun!!
P.S. Takes about 12 seconds to load on my computer so please be patient. - Thanks, David


  1. Hi David, the link for the photoshop actions doesn't seem to work. Love the Blog also! A regular daily reader.


  2. if you click through from the main page of the article http://www.reynsphoto.com/articles/Post_Processing/html/70_Photoshop_Actions.php you'll get a preloader, that will speed up the page loading time quite a bit.