Monday, May 19, 2008

News You Don't Necessarily Need To Know, But Did You Hear...

...About the new Samsung/Sprint iPhone look alike called "Instinct" that's about to hit the market, and probably at a much lower price than the Apple juggernaut? I just read about it in PC World magazine then hit the Internet to get the full scoop. Here is a story right here at Check out a walk through of the new phone's features right here.

...About Google reader, which just happens to be my favorite - being available for the iPhone? It all sounds very interesting. Here is that story right here.

...About the very strange sightings over at Google Earth - we are not alone! Here is the link.

Hey gang, that's it for today. I've got to get my Epson 7800 up and running ASAP and the staff is waiting on me. Don't forget to tune in tomorrow for a really cool Technique Tuesday and a short Animoto show about my event this past weekend. See you then, -David


  1. Did you old Epson 9000 go down this weekend or are you just adding a second printer to your setup? At the masters class you mentioned it was getting a little long in the tooth but that you would use it until it died ... so is there a memorial service or are we waiting to get the autopsy results?

  2. Just saw the post above ... must have checked the blog right as you were posting because when I commented this was the only post published.