Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wow! What A Wednesday

Good Afternoon Everybody,
Lots of good stuff happening today and some interesting news tidbits to report. But, before I begin, let me give a BIG Thank You to Scott Eccleston over at Weekly Photo Tips for the very nice piece he did on me and DigitalProTalk. Scott runs a nice site with lots of good info and link set. Check out Weekly Photo Tips right here. THANKS again Scott.

Hey, don't forget to check out what my buddy, Grant Oakes, our newest supporter of DigitalProTalk, is up to over at - check out the story below. Also, the results are in - check out PhotoNovice's Blog Statistics report down below too.
Also, my very popular newsletter goes out tomorrow. You can do a safe, no spam guarantee sign up right here. Anyway, too much of my chat here, let's get to it...

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  1. David:

    Those guys at are awsome. I can't wait to get my new site. That big picture display is absolutely stunning! Thanks for the link.