Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Technique Tuesday 05.20.08

Good Afternoon Everybody,
Who would have thought my post "I Don't Think I'm Dumb, Maybe I'm Just Stupid" would turn out to be my most popular post in months. Hey gang, all kidding aside thanks for all the valuable insights into the color issue. It was all very helpful for me and I hope for our readers too. This is the kind of practical information they don't teach in the books.... anywhere. But, you know what, it sure does make a case for RAW that I and I'm sure many others have overlooked - again, thanks for everybody's input.

As it turns out, this whole series of posts today mostly revolves around the Bat Mitzvah I photographed this past weekend. That's because it presented not just great photographic possibilities, but numerable technical topics that fit perfectly into my Technique Tuesday segment. For instance, check out the post below "Rainy Day Thursday - Perfect For Portraits" and you will get the idea.

Also, check out a new section today, "What They Don't Teach In The Manual." This post is based on information based on experience with software and equipment you just don't get in any of the books or DVD's available. You'll see what I mean when you read the post below. Anyway, good stuff today so let's get to it...
p.s. No, that's not me. -dz

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  1. um... is it just me, or is that John Estey?