Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Be Inspired On Wednesday - With Gordon Parks

OK, if you made it through the last two posts and the links, your brain should be pretty well fried by now. It's time for a break. Head over to the Eddie Adams Workshops right here and listen to any number of wonderful speakers on the subject of photography.

One of my favorites is the groundbreaking American photographer Gordon Parks. I have been following his career for most of my life and he was always an inspiration to me. Gordon Parks did it all - he was a photographer, musician, poet, novelist, journalist, activist and film director - a true legend in our times and well worth the listen.

That's it for today everybody! I'm off to visit with my financial planner/accountant this morning. She's an amazing individual with a wealth of information on many, many levels. I'm trying to talk her into blogging too. Her niche - Entrepreneurship - I hope she starts soon. See everybody tomorrow for [B]Business Day Thursday - lots of good information planned. Adios, David

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