Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dabbling In HDR

High Dynamic Range images have always intrigued me - well as long as I've been in digital anyway. I've even blogged this same subject a few times in the past. Those past posts are easily available, see the related links below. After hitting the net for the last few days, I think I have found about one of the best tutorials on the subject over at StuckInCustoms.com right here.

This phenomenal site is run by Trey Ratcliff. Please don't miss Trey's photography site and galleries right here - just hit this link and be prepared to be blown away by some amazing photography. From the looks of all the images, it appears that there is no place in the world Trey has not been. His HDR images are simply gorgeous - definitely worth a look.

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  1. I've been dabbling in HDR a lot lately as well. Just seems the tutorials lean more toward the "over doing it" aspect of HDR. I like that and do it myself from time to time...but they should teach a little restraint first :)

    I have a few up here, see what you think:


  2. HDR is great. I started using it for my weddings and portraits last year and I really have control with it.

    Most photographers either don;t know how to use it in a balanced fashion, or don't bother. It's too bad really.

    Trey has some amazing work. I think I need to get him on PPS with us... Gav

  3. Death Bag Toter3:52 PM, May 28, 2008

    Hey I sent that!

  4. Trey's a local Austin guy, and is very generous with his knowledge and thorough understanding of HDR processes/processing and how the human eye works images into the brain and memory. He'd be a great interview for your blog. cheers, dc