Friday, May 16, 2008

But Is It An Archival Work Of Art?

Hardly, but is pretty unique to say the least. Start with a windshield, end with a masterpiece. I visit my buddy, Nickolas Viltrakis' blog every Monday to see what's he posted over the weekend. Nicholas is also my photography assistant and digital tech here at the studio. Here is the link to his blog right here.

Anyway, Nicholas convinced his wife, Terri, who is an art teacher, to also give blogging a try. I headed over to her site to check things out and found some very interesting and inspiring little treasures in her link list. Here is the link to Terri's blog right here. One of my favorites is right here.
Scott Wade is the artist. Artist of what, you ask - painting on the dust of dirty cars! He has even been featured on the CBS Early Show. It seems his career is really taking off as he's booking gig's all across the country. I have to say, the imagery he creates is simply amazing. Check out his site, but don't wait for a rainy day.

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