Thursday, May 29, 2008

[B]Business Day Thursday 05.29.08

Good Afternoon Everybody,
Well, I'm getting off to a late start today. I was meeting one of my favorite clients today measuring and photographing several of her walls for a large portrait project she has asked us to produce. It's a cool project - she has requested that we go though every image I have made of her family and include all the images of all the cousins, aunts and uncles families, grandparents..... as well over the last 11 years.

She wants us to create large "through the years" wall collages that incorporate sports, senior portraits, graduations, and other life cycle events. We need to review about 30,000 images, select our favorites, make recommendations as to frames and sizes, produce the final product, and hang the framed images. Yes, it is a big job, but it should be a blast pulling it all together. I'll keep you posted as to out progress.

Anyway, I've got some good news and some great [B]Business Day Thursday tips to share too so lets' get right to it...

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  1. Hi David,

    Great site and thank you for this invaluable insight to the art and business of photography.
    One burning question that needs to be asked about the above post - how do you charge for such a project? Maybe that is too much to share but some idea of charging structure, what you will bill etc rather than hard figures, would be so helful.

    Paul, London