Wednesday, October 24, 2007

HDR Photography - and Moose

That means High Dynamic Range Photography. Wikipedia has a great article on the topic right here. While were having dinner at City Fish restaurant two evenings ago, our chef, Nick came by and we started talking about photography for his apartment. Anyway, RC just happens to have his laptop in the car, so he brings it in to show Nick some of Moose Peterson's landscape images. Yep, we ran into Moose and his wife while hanging out at the NAPP studios the last two days. What blew me away were Moose's HDR images - they were like way cool!!! I checked out his site to see if I could find the images to share with our readers. I didn't have any luck, but Moose's site is still a treasure trove of photographic information. You can check out Moose's site right here.
Now back to HDR images - to see how stunning some of the images can be, check out this Flickr group - heck, there are over 15,000 photogs who have posted over 85,000 images - take the inspirational side trip to HDR images right here. The accompanying article image was made by Michael Grindstaff of Sacramento, CA. Beautiful!!

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