Thursday, May 01, 2008

And Speaking of Keeping Clients Happy

All business need the same juice to keep them running and keep the customers coming back. I was recently cruising a site totally unrelated to photography. In fact the opening line on their first page reads, "NEW 4d v11 SQL - Breaking the Limits. High Performance Database Engine, Universal Binary, Scalability, Interoperability, Native SQL." Wait! Wait! Don't leave yet - please keep reading - heck, none of this made any sense to me either, but what made profound sense to me was this page right here on the same site talking about keeping clients happy - here is the link. It's a short, non-geek, to the point article on customer service that should be part of very business's customer service play book.

And speaking of keeping the customers happy, I've got to do just that in just about an hour. So gang, I'm out of here today heading back to class. So go tickle a pixel or two for me today and I'll see everybody tomorrow - same time, same station. Adios, -David

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