Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Technique Tuesday 01.22.08 - Artists Have Been Doing It Right for Years; Classical Lighting - Lighting Patterns

Two weeks ago I posted a tutorial on Classical Portraiture. It was entitled "Classical Views of the Face" - here is the link again for reference. Today I want to discuss the classical portrait lighting patterns.

When I use the word "classical" don't get the idea that I mean"old fashioned". What I'm really talking about is illuminating my subject with a beautiful light that really flatters them in the final image. This is something that is sorely lacking in much of wedding photography these days. Unfortunately, most current wedding imagery is pretty flat and two dimensional.

Take a peek at the tutorial and see how we can add highlights next to shadows and create images with detail, depth, and dimension that really separates your work from the rest of the crowd. Enjoy! --David


  1. That was a great tutorial you posted for today. It was nice to see each pattern broken down into where the light is, what the light was doing on the face and why each pattern has the name it does. I have one question. Once you have decided what lighting pattern flatters the bride’s face do you stick with that pattern through out the shoot?

  2. Nice and clear. I would like to see a sample pic for each posing view as you go "around the clock" with the nose (pose).

    Thanks, David

    P.S. Is there a direct link I can save for this video to go back to it and review later?

  3. Thanks for a great tutorial David. I was impressed by the clarity and your attention to detail. I learnt more from that one tute than numerous lighting books. I was also impressed by your ability to 'see' the image.

    Thank you for broadening my vision.