Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Photographers, Check It Out - It's Resource City

So how much time do you have today for a little web surfing? If you got too much on your plate today then save this link for a rainy day. DIYPhotography is a great site to hit now and then because of it's wealth of info and cool ideas. They had a post a while back listing their favorite 85 Photography sites - here is the link to the 85 sites. It's a great resource for anything photographic. I know, DigitalProTalk is conspicuously absent, but we were still youngins' in the blogsphere when he put the link list together - maybe next time ;~) I'm still working my way through all the links - good fun and good info.

I want to wrap the post today by thanking everyone for their very kind comments on the blog - it very much appreciate out loyal readers. I promise to get around to commenting back when all the craziness slows down around her - hopefully in a week or two. Hey gang, it's time for me to hit the road and get back to work. See you tomorrow. --David


  1. David, I just found your site and I'm blown away by all that is here. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and tips. I love traditional portraiture and believe it is not a thing of the past, but requires trained skill which I am trying earnestly to learn, and you are helping me each day. I love your blog and all that you add each day. This will be the top spot for learning no doubt. Scott Kelby's blog and yours on my "first thing in the morning" stop off. Once again, THANK YOU for this resource.

  2. David, I just checked out a few of the blog/photog sites in the link you posted and I didn't find one with even 1/10 of the quality content you put forth in this blog! Thank you so much for such an informative daily writing....I know it must be a pain in the neck to do every day, I just want you to know I appreciate your tireless efforts!