Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Marketing 101, 201, 301, and 401

You just started your business, or you have been at it for a while but it needs a high octane boost of marketing muscle for a good kick start into 2008 - well, my buddies over at Marathon Press have just the solution for you.

Let me first say I have been friends with the good folks at Marathon for many years. That's me with president Bruce Price at their booth in the Imaging USA 2008 trade show. They have been offering photographers all kinds of ways to build, brand, and market their businesses. Check out everything they have to offer right here.

LaDawn and I headed up to their Marketing Conference about a year ago and it was truly an "eye-opener" for a guy who thinks he has a pretty good thing going. We came back with so many notes and ideas, we can't wait to visit with them again. OK, now for the really good news - you no longer have to travel to Norfolk, Nebraska for the conference. Not that Norfolk isn't a good place to visit. Heck, its the birthplace of the Tonight Show host, Johnny Carson. We even managed to drive pass his childhood home last time we were there - pretty cool.

Anyway, back to business - Marathon is putting their conference on the road for 2008. Here is the link to Marathon's Marketing Workshops right here. Check it out - highly recommended.

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