Thursday, January 31, 2008

A New Salesflow For Your Studio - ProSelect

So how can you really increase you sales at your studio - a peek at my Friday program? Many of you know I was very much involved with the ProShots, one of the finest studio sales tools on the planet. Well, Kodak discontinued supporting the ProShots software at the end of last year.

But no big problem, because the folks down under" at Time Exposure Software had been quietly developing and promoting their ProSelect software for the last few years. It's been on my radar for the last year or two, but when I want back to visit them at the PPA convention held in Tampa just a few weeks ago, I was "blown away" with the feature set, no, let me say sales feature set that had been built into the ProSelct software. For a studio owner, it is a must have. It not only let's your clients view the images, but you can even show your client what the image looks like hanging in their own home with their new "Frames/Rooms" feature.

The software will even let you print out your invoices with the ordered image attached thereby reducing misunderstanding and studio mistakes tremendously. Here is the Link to the ProSelect software right here. Please be sure to check out all 19 of their tutorials covering all facets of the program right here. They are thorough and well done. You can even try a 30 day free trial right here - definitely worth a peek.

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