Thursday, January 17, 2008

Heading Back Home Thursday

Good Morning everybody,
Yep, today is the day we finally head back to good ol' KY side of Cincy - the land of cold weather and maybe a little snow, so I hear. But home is a good thing so LaDawn and I are anxious to get back review information gathered at Imaging USA and the hundreds of images from our three days shooting down here in Florida. We had a great trip and got some great images.

On a different note, my thanks to Scott Kelby for asking us to be part of the Kelby Training Video series and especially for his very kind words in his blog yesterday. It is always a kick to come down to Florida and visit with the entire NAPP crew.

Well, it's almost "bag packing" time, but not before some more hot news and views from the land of sun and fun. Here we go...

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  1. Thank you Zisers for a fun work week, it was a pleasure working with you David. I learned so much! Keep in touch!

    Your KY neighbor,