Tuesday, January 08, 2008

And In the Most Interesting Software Department

Everyone needs to check out NIK software's new Color Efex Pro 3 which they introduced here at Imaging USA. They have incorporated the revolutionary U-Point technology into their already terrific filter set. With the U-Point technology, you can selectively add filter effects to various parts of the image without touching other parts of the image. Check out the "before" and "after" to get just a brief glimpse at what I'm talking about. Look how much improved the sky is in this photo. I know you are thinking, "that's easy in Photoshop." True--but it's really easy with NIK's Color Efex Pro3 plug-ins for Photoshop. Check out all the NIK products right here, then head over to their "Download and User Guide page" right here and watch the demos and then give them a try for yourself. Way cool stuff!!

Hey gang, that's it for today - the show's a'waitin' -- Have a great one, see ya' tomorrow. --David

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  1. I just found this link the other day and I must say I was so impressed with the software I ended up getting it. Thanks for the tip.