Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wow, They Were Gorgeous!!!

So what happens when you go from assisting your husband for many years in the family business and begin a brand new career in art? That's what Melanie Feldman did. I have had the pleasure to have known Alan and Melanie Feldman for many years and we have traveled to Egypt and England together many years ago. Anyway, Alan and Melanie have been running a very successful studio - Feldman Photography - in the Tampa area for over 35 years and are well known in the community.

Both are looking at slowing down but still keep a fairly heavy schedule shooting seniors and families. LaDawn and I had dinner with them last Friday along with Stan and Liz Levin of Levin Frames. We all had a great time, but the surprise for all of us was seeing Mel's unbelievably beautiful paintings. She has always had a love for the medium and has decided to pursue it in earnest. She has completed about 30 pieces so far. I was struck by the detail, composition and color of her pieces. She has had a quite successful first gallery show and more are in the works. Her work is available as signed giclie' numbered copies or original canvass. Check out her work right here - I think you will really enjoy it. So as you can see, there still is life after photography.

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