Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Again, and What a Week!

Good Morning everybody,
This week is shaping up into a busy one, again. I have a portrait shoot this morning at 10a.m. - OUTDOORS!!! - it's 10 degrees out there. And my client wants it to look kind of warm - yep, warm in mid January in the Midwest. I'll post one of the images tomorrow - the Lord willin' I get one.

I'm working on a brand new lighting program - "How to Flash for Fun and Profit Without Getting Arrested" - for Photoshop World coming up in Orlando this April 2nd-4th. The tough part is getting the 10 page+ article completed for that phonebook sized information treasure trove call the Photoshop World workbook - hopefully by Wednesday, it will be wrapped.

Then Friday, we have the start of our KPPA convention right here in Covington, Ky and I'm one of the lead-off speakers. If any of you are in the neighborhood, this is one of the best photographic conventions to attend. Our speaker lineup is always first class. You can get all the KPPA convention info right here - maybe I'll see some of you there.

My program wraps at 12 p.m. and LaDawn and I head to the airport and catch a plane to New Orleans. Why, my good buddy, Ralph Romaguera is KING of the Carrollton Krewe this year at Mardi Gras and I'm one of the guys on the krewes throwing the beads - the weekend should be a hoot! I'll report back next week on this one. Anyway, on with today's news...

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