Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Technique Tuesday - Invitation to Love

Yep, that's the real title - got you hooked now, don't I? Well, here is the real story - right before we left for Tampa, LaDawn reminds me that we have to get a wedding invitation mounted in one of our client's albums. The problem was that it was one of those 3-D invites - you know, one with the big satin bow - way to thick to mount in the album. When we have that situation, I photograph the invite bring it into Photoshop, and create an invitation page. Check out the video below to see exactly how I did it the day before we headed for Tampa. --Enjoy!


  1. Stunning photography and composition! I was a little confused about the PS process; Good results but it seemed to me to have many of the same moves repeated to achieve the nd result. Just an obs. Like Bert says, "its what you get,not how you getthere. Also, I might prefer less GB on the flowers in favor of a feathered edge, Agian just MO, because I admire the photography, Well done, look forward to diving into the site more. Thanks,; Aspiring learning and practicing. O.

  2. Excellent tutorial. I liked the series of steps you went through to get there, as well as a little info on what type of flash you used. Thanks for doing them and keep em' coming!