Friday, January 25, 2008

Gorgeous Wedding Photography From Around the World

From Manila we have the beautiful work of wedding photographer Terry Uy right here - really nice images. My buddy, Joe Buissink has several beautiful and provocative wedding images right here Be sure to check both sides of his web site - really cool images. And and my friend, Bambi Cantell has some really beautiful images premiered right here. From Australia, wedding and portrait photographer, Marcus Bell, has a great site and great images right here. Another Aussie favorite is Gerry Ghionis, but his site is currently under renovation - check back when it's up and running, it's worth it - Gerry has some stunning images, too. That's your first big scoop of creativity for today.


  1. Terry Uy brought back memories of Rocky Gunn.

  2. Thanks for the terrific links. I've now spent most of my morning looking at some of amazing work on both Terry Uy and Joe Buissink's sites. Definitely some inspiration to be found here.