Monday, January 07, 2008

Rocket Speed Album Design

I have been promoting the LumaPix FotoFusion software for wedding album design since I first met the owners of the company about 4 years ago at the WPPI convention. We use it exclusively at our studio for all of our page design work and any multi-image project. Well, they were showing version 4.1 at the trade show yesterday and I have to say-it looks phenomenal!

We have been holding off upgrading to version 4 still staying with version 3 - hey, we were used to it and like they say, "if it's not broken, don't fix it." Well, maybe now is the time to upgrade. Check out LumaPix:FotoFusion right here and watch their demos. It is an amazing piece of software, simple, intuitive, fast and really helps stimulate those creative juices. You are limited only by your own creativity. I'm flattered too, that they use many of my wedding images in their demos - thanks guys.

We have been including LumaPix:FotoFusion as one component of the Digital Resource Kit for the last four years. You can check out what's included in my Digital Resource Kit right here and watch some more FotoFusion demos. Happy Designing!!


  1. If you have brides interested in a scrapbook look check out 12x12 luster prints only $2.95!

  2. David,

    The View Demo link under appears not to be working; I seem to recall that this used to work.