Thursday, January 17, 2008

Just Wishin' and Hopin' For a Sunset

So what do you do when your out on the beach.... on Honeymoon Island....waiting for a sunset.... on a grey afternoon day? Well, that's where we found ourselves yesterday. Not much going on in the "sunset" department. So what do you do - how about just start playing around to kill some time hoping that a sunset happens.

Here's what happened. I got the "bright" idea to take a photograph of the groom on the boardwalk leading to the beach with the camera set on "tungsten" mode. I know what you are thinking - Ziser, your crazy - it's going to look weird - like really blue. Well, you are half right. Why only half right, because I put a tungsten balanced gel on my flash to get a tungsten "flavored" light source.
This gave me the proper color balance on my subject while letting the rest of the scene go quite blue. It sure beat just standing around waiting for the evasive sunset.Looks pretty cool, doesn't it - it kind of reminds me of one of those Inc. Magazine executive portraits. Anyway, there you have a little mini "Technique Tuesday" on Thursday. By the way, you can try some other filter combos too - kind of fun.

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  1. Very nice, but you could have done the same by using RAW, and developing two images with two different WB settings. After that, a quick photoshop mask and your all done :).