Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday's a'Hoppin'

Good Morning everybody,

Hey everybody, its Technique Tuesday again, so lets get moving. I'm still defrosting from my portrait session yesterday, but we got some great images. Check out the image below - looks pretty good. So you ask, how did I get it to look like a Fall afternoon on a 9 degree January morning?

The secret is in the focal length, aperture, and background selection. The "secret sauce" was finding a background that had a bit of color in it. I found this row of slightly lit pine trees - that gave me the green. Plus, they were interspersed with a little leftover Fall colors in the brown pine needles on some of the trees and on the ground. Now take that background, get it as far behind the subjects as possible, take a long lens - 70-200mm IS racked out to 200mm and set at F4.0 and, voilà, you have a really nice "Fall" background. The clients loved the image, albeit, a bit shivering during the shoot.

Also, check out the marketing story - hey, you don't need a PR firm or ad agency to use any of the ideas suggested. And don't miss the follow-up story to last week's post, "Technique Tuesday - Saving About $50 On a Bounce Flash." Mr. Peter Gregg has taken the Bounce Flash to the next level - see the story below. Now, on with the show...

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